BFG​/​Apollo (part 3) The Coming Together

by Kirsty Hawkshaw, Helen Hall, Ulrich Schnauss



The final album in the first Barefoot Audio trilogy, ‘The Coming Together’, has been recorded to teach Sustainable Speed through music composed by Kirsty Hawkshaw and Ulrich Schnauss at high, efficient bpms, and coaching techniques from Helen Hall. ‘The Coming Together’ continues the journey of discovery that aims to encourage the enjoyment of running by focusing on efficient technique and appropriate effort levels.

The instrumental version of ‘The Coming Together’ offers very close to an hour and 20 minutes’ worth of non-stop music at efficient running cadences. This album can be usefully used to extend running intervals at sustainable speed once the running techniques have been mastered, and aerobic fitness has improved through regular practice.
Barefoot Audio recommends regularly ‘checking in’ with the coaching albums to reinforce great form and continue to improve running efficiency.
Look out for instructional tips on care of running muscles and great nutrition on the main Barefoot Audio website.
The next album from Barefoot Audio will be along soon …

1. Barefoot Audio Trilogy - Part 3, The Coming Together.  Track 1: 'Think On Light'.  
Over the rhythmic beat of the music Kirsty Hawkshaw has specially created, ultra-distance runner and Efficient Running coach, Helen Hall, explains the importance of walking before aerobic exercise, not only for the purpose of warming up, but also to minimize injury risk.   Coaching focuses on working with your body for exercise to be beneficial, and guidance is given to assist you, the runner, in tailoring your workouts to suit how your body feels each time you run.  

 2. Barefoot Audio Trilogy - Part 3, The Coming Together.  Track 2: 'Phantom'.

Electronic producer Ulrich Schnauss joins forces with Kirsty to produce hypnotic beats that simply make your feet want to move. Helen Hall's coaching progresses you through the body checks necessary to generate the easy effort of the pre-run stage of 'drill'.  This section covers the skill of high cadence running, enabling easy mastering of efficient running. Well worth practicing, ‘drill’ becomes your default mode if your body is protesting, allowing you to continue progressing forward whilst resolving the problem. This crucial skill is your running ‘safety net’.

3. Barefoot Audio Trilogy - Part 3, The Coming Together.  Track 3: 'Creatures of Constant Motion'.

Kirsty Hawkshaw’s skill in composing perfect tones beat by beat, takes you into the flow of natural, easy running almost effortlessly. Barefoot runner and coach Helen Hall body maps the subtleties of movement to ensure continued efficient running form. The emphasis here is on allowing your body to run with minimum interference, enabling the running action to become ever more natural and fluid. Running faster with no more effort. Thinking great technique, rather than doing.

4. Barefoot Audio Trilogy - Part 3, The Coming Together.  Track 4: 'Don’t Fight The Trail'.

Subtle changes in Kirsty Hawkshaw’s music tempo, seamlessly take you from higher to lower cadences, on your journey to discover your most efficient step rate. Coach Helen Hall guides you into feeling which tempo suits your body; which cadence gives you the freest feeling and the fastest speeds using no muscular effort, but simply enjoying swift feet. Through mastering the Perpetual Forward Motion concept of the upper body counter-rotation, this track reveals running potential otherwise missed in those who haven’t experimented with step rhythms.

5. Barefoot Audio Trilogy - Part 3, The Coming Together.  Track 5: 'My Heart’.

Stunning vocals and another inspired musical collaboration between Kirsty Hawkshaw and Ulrich Schnauss, prepare you for the speed section ahead. ‘My Heart’ is a beautiful piece to settle you into an easy cadence and calm efforts, and to fine-tune technique prior to discovering the art of More Speed for Less Effort.

6. Barefoot Audio Trilogy – Part 3, The Coming Together. Track 6: ‘White Horse’.

Honouring the memory of Micah True, otherwise known as ‘Caballo Blanco’ in the book by Christopher McDougall ‘Born To Run’, Kirsty took inspiration from a chance meeting with a white horse whilst out on a training run. The music that grew out of that event perfectly carves out the next 10 minutes of discovery – how to use the slightest adjustment in the lower half of the body to create a longer stride effortlessly, and generate sustainable speed. During this track, you learn not only how to use your body to best effect for speed generation, but you’re also coached into feeling for clues that enable extended periods of paced speed, preventing the common running mistake of excess effort and premature fatigue.

7. Barefoot Audio Trilogy – Part 3, The Coming Together. Track 7: ‘The Silent Whisk’.

Continuing the coaching of Sustainable Speed, Helen Hall threads the instruction around the dynamic beat of Kirsty Hawkshaw’s composition, challenging you to pursue the quarry of ‘biomechanically friendly’ running. Now discovering how to use the upper body to generate higher speeds, the emphasis remains on maintaining a predominantly aerobic effort level. Practicing running ‘as fast as you can comfortably’ is key to developing aerobic, sustainable speed. The amazing ‘runners high’ is the reward.

8. Barefoot Audio Trilogy – Part 3, The Coming Together. Track 8: ‘Andale’.

The final 10 minutes of running is an upbeat track, with Kirsty Hawkshaw’s musical beat demanding fast feet, and Helen Hall’s coaching encouraging calmer efforts. The track is designed to bring your heart rate down a little, whilst demonstrating how easy a fast 200 cadence can feel after the efforts of Sustainable Speed.

9. Barefoot Audio Trilogy – Part 3, The Coming Together. Track 9: ‘Take What is Given’.

Runner and coach Helen Hall explains the importance of gradually reducing your effort levels and then leaves you with another beautiful track from Kirsty Hawkshaw for a calming and heart-rate reducing conclusion to your running session.


Enjoy beautiful music to walk to, with coaching tips to benefit from.
Tracks 1 and 9, having slower beats of between 140 and 155 steps per minute, are perfect for:

For those not yet running through injury.
Those at the very beginning of their aerobic fitness campaign.
Those who don't want to run, but who simply wish to walk barefoot or with minimal footwear, to improve their health and general circulation.


released August 1, 2012

This album was created by Electronic Musician and barefoot runner Kirsty Hawkshaw with the first Barefoot Ironwoman Helen Hall. With special guest Ulrich Schnauss on tracks 2,4,5.



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Our first album, Towards Vertical, is part 1 of the progressive Barefoot Goddess Trilogy. The music is created by composer and vocalist Kirsty Hawkshaw and coached by triathlete and ultra-distance runner Helen Hall. The 40-minute workout has been specifically created to make a gentle introduction to barefoot/efficient running in minimalistic running shoes. ... more

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Track Name: White Horse (Coaching)
I am running alone,
on this worn familiar road
I don't need to catch my breath
I don't feel the need to keep up with you
I can only keep up with my soul
and this pace restores my faith

all the love I need
is the love I have
all the love I breath
is the love I receive
and all the love I have
is the love I see
and all the love I breath
is the love I believe

I am running alone
tracking all the gathering storms
I don't need to catch my thoughts
for I run with the white horse
I am perfectly illuminated
with each cell that draws a spark
and I know that I am free
to fly
and no stranger
to the dark
so I run fast

lyrics by Kirsty Hawkshaw