Apollo (Part 1​)​: Touchdown

by Barefoot Audio



Apollo Trilogy - Part 1, Touchdown.  Track 1: 'Homo Erectus'.  
Over the rhythmic beat of the music Kirsty Hawkshaw has specially created, ultra-distance runner and Efficient Running coach, Helen Hall, explains the importance of walking before aerobic exercise, not only for the purpose of warming up, but also to minimize injury risk.   Walking well, using almost all skeletal muscles, is a skill we have lost through the western habit of wearing substantial shoes, and the coaching focuses on regaining good form to optimize muscle activity, minimize impact and optimize blood and lymph circulations.  
As such, this is also a useful track for those not yet running through injury and those at the very beginning of their aerobic fitness campaign. Indeed, those who don't want to run, but simply walk barefoot or with minimal footwear, to improve their health and general circulation, will benefit from the coaching tips.  
Apollo Trilogy - Part 1, Touchdown.  Track 2: 'Sensing Touchdown’.

Kirsty Hawkshaw's hypnotic beat accompanies ultra-distance barefoot runner Helen Hall's coaching, progressing through the body checks necessary to generate the easy effort of the pre-run stage of 'drill' and then ‘power off’ running.  

The first half of the track covers the skill of high cadence running, and the second half develops the flow of natural, easy running, mapping the subtleties of movement to ensure efficient running form. The emphasis is on eliminating poor habits and feeling how to work with the biomechanics of your body, rather than against them.

Apollo Trilogy – Part 1, Touchdown. Track 3: Less is More.

Runner and coach Helen Hall explains the importance of gradually reducing your effort levels and then leaves you with another beautiful track from Kirsty Hawkshaw for a calming and heart-rate reducing conclusion to your running session. Because of the slower beat, this track would also be perfect for those recovering from injury, not yet running but aiming towards that goal, and for those who simply enjoy beautiful music to walk to.

Please purchase tracks 1 – 6 if you’re:
at the beginning stage of running
starting to barefoot run
in transition from trainers to running in minimal footwear, or
converting from heel striking to midfoot/forefoot running,
and play them in sequence.

Please purchase tracks 1, 3, 4 and 6, if you wish to remain at a walking cadence.


released January 1, 2012

Music by Kirsty Hawkshaw efficient running coaching by Helen Hall



all rights reserved


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Our first album, Towards Vertical, is part 1 of the progressive Barefoot Goddess Trilogy. The music is created by composer and vocalist Kirsty Hawkshaw and coached by triathlete and ultra-distance runner Helen Hall. The 40-minute workout has been specifically created to make a gentle introduction to barefoot/efficient running in minimalistic running shoes. ... more

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