The True Power Of Walking

by kirsty Hawkshaw and Helen Hall


This album is an introduction to Barefoot Audio. It's no secret - you just can't run before you can walk and in this first album we coach you into the practical skills of how to walk efficiently and how to get into good habits from the very start.

The music has been specially composed and produced by musician Kirsty Hawkshaw and the narration written and performed by efficient walking/running coach Helen Hall to gently guide you - the walker - into good habitual biomechanics.

The programme is a 40 minute workout and is a comfortable, though driving, cadence (rate of footfall) for fat burning, and circulation. The workout will help to build up inner core and lower back strength, and is particularly useful for preparing the body, feet and ankles of those who are going through the transition from soft cushioned trainers to minimalist trainers. If your aim is to run eventually, then this is where to start. You will gain endurance strength in the postural muscles in preparation for the first running album: BFG 'Towards Vertical' or Apollo 'Touchdown'.
Walking to our programme will also help burn up excess cortisol caused by day to day stresses, improve blood pressure, boost endorphins, help balance the hormones, reduce fatigue, release tension and increase stability by improving overall balance and co-ordination.


released April 28, 2013

music and production by Kirsty Hawkshaw
coaching and voice over Helen Hall



Barefoot Audio UK

Welcome to Barefoot Audio.

Our first album, Towards Vertical, is part 1 of the progressive Barefoot Goddess Trilogy. The music is created by composer and vocalist Kirsty Hawkshaw and coached by triathlete and ultra-distance runner Helen Hall. The 40-minute workout has been specifically created to make a gentle introduction to barefoot/efficient running in minimalistic running shoes. ... more

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