BFG part 1: Towards Vertical (full mix of album)

by Kirsty Hawkshaw and Helen Hall


This is the album 'Towards Vertical' part 1 of the Barefoot Goddess Trilogy as two mp3's with and without coaching as a continuous mix. We have provided this option for those who experience shuffle issues on their chosen MP3 players.


Please consult your doctor before beginning any new type of exercise or diet. The information presented in Barefoot Audio’s downloads is intended as a general self-help coaching guide only. Please remember, we are not there to see what you are doing, so use common sense when starting out. It is important to keep in mind that pain is NOT good especially in joints, bone or chest. Muscles soreness is normal, but not to the point of not being able to use it. NEVER continue a workout with soreness, give the muscles a chance to repair and build. Remember, nutrition is the fuel for work and repair. 

In any event, Barefoot Audio, the authors and their representatives cannot assume any responsibility for negative results regardless of how incidental or severe, whether due to an error in any information or an omission of information. The responsibility is yours. If you have a question, send us an email from our website at We'll try our best to answer it. A local personal trainer might also be able to help. You don't have to hire a trainer for the long term. You can get a trainer to start you out or just meet you every couple of weeks to check on your progress and technique (very important!).


released November 23, 2011

music by Kirsty Hawkshaw
coaching by Helen Hall
mastered by Loud Mastering
artwork by Aman-Shah Andrew



Barefoot Audio UK

Welcome to Barefoot Audio.

Our first album, Towards Vertical, is part 1 of the progressive Barefoot Goddess Trilogy. The music is created by composer and vocalist Kirsty Hawkshaw and coached by triathlete and ultra-distance runner Helen Hall. The 40-minute workout has been specifically created to make a gentle introduction to barefoot/efficient running in minimalistic running shoes. ... more

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